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Ämnesområden: Korrosion
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 146 (Korrosion)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 3 jul 2023
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The International Standard specifies a method for evaluating the deposition on real structures and equipment by wiping them from their surfaces. Depositions become corrosion and/or degradation factors of the metals, alloys, and organic materials and shall be analyzed quantitatively to control
corrosion and degradation of real structures and equipment.
This method is especially suitable for evaluating the kind and amount of deposition on real structures and equipment in all industries. This method delivers types and instantaneous values of the watersoluble and insoluble deposition concentrations explained as an unit of weight per area without the
time component and gives knowledge of environmental factors against corrosion and degradation.
Water-soluble depositions detected by this method include not only chloride ion but also sulfate ion and other ions to understand the synergistic and antagonistic effects for the corrosion acceleration.
This document is applicable to
— metals and their alloys exposed in various environment
— metallic coatings exposed in various environment
— organic coatings exposed in various environment
— concreates and other structural materials exposed in various environment
NOTE Measurement method of chloride on cleaned surfaces to make sure the cleanness of the steel substrates after surface preparation such as grinding, polishing, cleaning, and rinsing, and before application of paints are given in ISO 8502.