Ämnesområden: Omgivningsluft
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 423 (Luftkvalitet)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 10 apr 2023
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This document specifies a general laboratory test method for determination of the area specific emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from newly produced building products or furnishing under defined climate conditions. The method can also, in principle, be applied to aged products. The emission data obtained can be used to calculate concentrations in a model room.
This document applies to various emission test chambers used for determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products or furnishing.
Sampling, transport and storage of materials to be tested, and preparation of test specimens are described in ISO 16000-11. Air sampling and analytical methods for the determination of VOCs are described in ISO 16000-6 and ISO 16017-1[1].
A general description of an emission test chamber is given in Annex C.
For the determination of formaldehyde emissions from wood-based panels, refer to EN 717-1.[2]
However, this document is also applicable to wood-based panels and other building products, in order to determine the emission rate of formaldehyde. The measurement procedure for formaldehyde is described in ISO 16000-3[3].
Note In principle this document can be applied to the study of any gas phase emissions from building products and furnishing.
The determination of the emission rates of cut edges is described in Annex D.
Evaluation of the impact of underfloor heating (Ondol) on emissions is described in Annex E.