Ämnesområden: Strålningsskydd; Skyddskläder
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 402 (Skyddskläder)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 8 feb 2023
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This document specifies the requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing ensembles excluding respiratory protective devices (RPD) for use by emergency responders and other workers during incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials –
— used with intent to cause harm; and
— in cases of accidental releases outside traditional hazardous materials response categories or in the case naturally occurring biological events.
For the purposes of this standard, all incidents described here are named CBRN incidents.
This standard is applicable to PPE for use by personnel in the following roles where appropriate:
— First responders: including fire service, emergency medical, search and rescue, sampling and detection teams and police.
— Workers needed for specific support roles (for example utility, transportation, service continuity, environmental protection).
— Medical personnel working with casualties of CBRN incidents.
— Responders to incidents involving radiological or nuclear material release.
— Non-emergency but CBRN-related roles.
— Protection against ionizing radiological exposures
— Requirements for PPE use by military personnel are not addressed by this document.
Requirements for the following are not covered by this document:
— Casualty/body bags.
— Methods of and criteria for decontamination of PPE.
— Disposal of used or contaminated equipment.
This document is focused on PPE clothing ensembles, but it is recognised that CBRN PPE usually forms part of an ensemble potentially including RPD where the RPD provide protection to a portion of the
individual wearer’s body. For this reason, where RPD affects the integrity of the ensemble in preventing skin exposure to the wearer, ensembles with specific RPD are evaluated in several whole ensemble
tests. Any requirements for respiratory protective device itself would need to meet the requirements is the ISO 17420 series (including specifically ISO 17420 Part 2 and ISO/TS 17420 Parts 8 and 9), as recommended.
It is further recommended that the computability of all PPE be evaluated as specified in ISO/TS 20141:2022 and the selection of appropriate respirators as part of these ensembles be made as indicated in ISO/TS 16975:2016