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1.1 This document provides the vocabulary, fundamental concepts and principles of innovation management and its systematic implementation. It is applicable to: a) organizations implementing an innovation management system or performing innovation management assessments; b) organizations that need to improve their ability to effectively manage innovation activities; c) users, customers and other relevant interested parties (e.g. suppliers, partners, funding organizations, investors, universities and public authorities) seeking confidence in the innovation capabilities of an organization; d) organizations and interested parties seeking to improve communication through a common understanding of the vocabulary used in innovation management; e) providers of training in, assessment of, or consultancy for, innovation management and innovation management systems; f) developers of innovation management and related standards. 1.2 This document is intended to be applicable to: a) all types of organizations, regardless of type, sector, maturity-level or size; b) all types of innovations, e.g. product, service, process, model and method, ranging from incremental to radical; c) all types of approaches, e.g. internal and open innovation, user-, market-, technology- and design-driven innovation activities. This document specifies the terms and definitions applicable to all innovation management and innovation management system standards developed by ISO/TC 279.

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This document defines terms used in the field of project, programme and portfolio management. It can be used by any type of organization, including public or private, and any size or sector, as well as any type of project, programme or portfolio in terms of complexity, size or duration.

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 621/AG 01 (E-handel)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 22 maj 2024
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This document describes the transaction information requirements of the transactions used in the basic collaborations described in EN 17015-1 Electronic Public Procurement – Catalogue – Choreographies. For each transaction there is an overview, the transaction business requirements and the transaction information requirements model containing definitions of terms, usage descriptions and cardinality of the information elements. The document describes the following transactions: 1) Catalogue; 2) Catalogue Response 3) Pre-award Catalogue Request 4) Pre-award Catalogue 5) Shopping Cart How to claim compliance to a transaction is described in paragraph 6. How to claim conformance to a transaction is described in paragraph 6.