Ämnesområden: Hissar. Rulltrappor
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 211 (Hissar och rulltrappor)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 16 jan 2020
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This document specifies the additional or deviating requirements to prEN 81-20 for new passenger and goods passenger lifts, which may be used to support faster evacuation of persons with difficulty in using stairs including in case of fire alarm.

This document does not apply to:

— lifts which are not included in a fire resisting building structure;

— the evacuation due to other circumstances, like explosion, chemical or biological attack, flooding, storm damage, earthquake etc.

NOTE General evacuation guidance can be found in ISO/TS 18870.

The following significant hazards are not covered in this document and are assumed to be addressed by the building designer:

— fire or smoke in the evacuation lift well, safe areas or machinery spaces;

— ingress of water to the lift well during evacuation process;

— insufficient or incorrectly located evacuation lifts;

— entrapment in waiting area (safe area) due to absence of lift service or adjacent stairs;

— structural collapse or failure of building services (e.g. power supply, lighting, ventilation) before the evacuation using lifts has been completed;

— presence of harmful gases, potentially explosive atmosphere, extreme climate conditions, transport of dangerous goods, etc.

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 380 (Ergonomi)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 20 jan 2020
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This standard specifies the methodology for evaluating the energy performance of lighting systems for providing general illumination in residential and non-residential buildings and for calculating or measuring the amount of energy required or used for lighting in buildings. The method may be applied to new, existing or refurbished buildings. It also provides a methodology (LENI) as the measure of the energy efficiency of the lighting installations in buildings.

This standard does not cover lighting requirements, the design of lighting systems, the planning of lighting installations, the characteristics of lighting equipment (lamps, control gear and luminaires) and systems used for display lighting, desk lighting or luminaires built into furniture. This standard does not provide any procedure for the dynamic simulation of lighting scene setting.

Table 1 shows the relative position of this standard within the set of EPB standards in the context of the modular structure as set out in EN ISO 52000-1.

NOTE In CEN ISO/TR 52000-2 the same table can be found, with, for each module, the numbers of the relevant EPB standards and accompanying technical reports that are published or in preparation.

The modules represent EPB standards, although one EPB standard may cover more than one module and one module may be covered by more than one EPB standard, for instance a simplified and a detailed method respectively. See also Clause 2.