Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 181 (Brandsäkerhet)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 12 aug 2019
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This International Standard specifies a method of test for determining the non-combustibility performance, under specified conditions, of homogeneous products and substantial components of non-homogeneous products.

Information on the precision of the test method is given in Annex A.

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 497 (Avgivning av farliga ämnen från bygg-och anläggningsprodukter)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 19 aug 2019
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This European Standard specifies a horizontal reference method for the determination of emissions of regulated dangerous substances from construction products into indoor air. This method is applicable to volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, and very volatile aldehydes. It is based on the use of a test chamber and subsequent analysis of the organic compounds by GC-MS or HPLC.

NOTE 1 Supplemental information is given on indirect test methods (see Annex B) and on measuring very volatile organic compounds (see Annex C).

NOTE 2 This European Standard describes the overall procedure and makes use of existing standards mainly by normative reference, complemented when necessary with additional or modified normative requirements.