Övriga konstruktionsmaterial

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 189 (Innemiljö och energianvändning i byggnader)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 1 maj 2018
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This document specifies the requirements for factory made composite products to be used for thermal insulation of buildings, such as

— composite insulation products with at least two different thermal insulation layers with or without facings or coatings, covered by a harmonized European Standard from T C88

Products defined by standards EN 13162 to EN 13171 and prEN 16069:2016 will be used for the thermal insulation layers.

This standard does not cover the performance of prefabricated systems incorporating these composite products.

This standard specifies product characteristics and includes procedures for testing, evaluation of conformity, marking and labelling.

This standard does not specify the required level of a given property to be achieved by a product to demonstrate fitness for purpose in a particular application. The levels required for a given application are to be found in regulations or non conflicting standards.

Self-supporting building products and products for structural use are not covered by this standard.

This standard does not cover in situ composite insulation products, composite products for civil engineering applications and composite products intended to be used for thermal insulation of building equipment and industrial installations.

Multi-layered products made from two or more layers of a thermal insulation material from the same standard are covered by the corresponding standards EN 13162 to EN 13172 and prEN 16069:2016.