Skydd av och i byggnader

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 110 (Akustik och buller)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 13 apr 2020
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This document applies to all open-plan offices, in which the following activities are performed:

— Space type 1: when the activity isn’t known yet – vacant floor plate;

— Space type 2: activity mainly focusing on outside of the room communication (by telephone/audio/video);

— Space type 3: activity mainly based on collaboration between people at nearest workstation;

— Space type 4: activity based on a small amount of collaborative work;

— Space type 5: activity which may involve receiving the public;

— Space type 6: combining activities within the same space.

It is a guide to support technical dialogue and formal commitment between the various stakeholders involved in the planning, design, construction or layout of open-plan workspaces: end customers, project owners, prescribers, consultants, etc.

More specifically, it applies to refitting projects of existing business sites (renovation and/or change or add activities) and layout projects for new spaces and spaces delivered unfurnished.

This document covers all activities and applies to the operations of the following stakeholders:

— end customer: diagnosis, survey, expression of needs in keeping with his knowledge in the area of acoustics;

— project owner: drafting contract specifications;

— project management companies (architects, acousticians, ergonomists, economists and consulting engineers): indicating the performance of acoustic solutions and the layout principles used to achieve the result expressed in the specifications;

— building trade: reaching a clear and verifiable target with respect to the choices of materials and implementation;

— promoter: promoting acoustic comfort in estate operations in order to use it as a competitive element;

— specialists in occupational health, safety and quality;

— expert assessments and consultancy.