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Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 183 (Geoteknik och geokonstruktioner)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 29 sep 2020
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This document specifies requirements, recommendations and information concerning the execution of permanent or temporary sheet pile wall, combined pile walls, high modulus walls structures and the handling of equipment and materials.

It does not give requirements and recommendations for the installation of specific parts of the structure such as ground anchorages and piles which are covered by other documents.

It applies only to steel sheet pile walls, combined walls, high modulus walls, synthetic sheet pile walls (composite), precast concrete and timber sheet pile walls. Tubular piles included in combined walls and high modulus walls can be filled with concrete.

Composite structures such as Berliner walls and sheet pile walls in combination with shotcrete, are not covered by this document.