Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 203 (Eurokoder)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 16 maj 2023
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EN 1998-2 is intended to be applied to the design of new bridges in seismic regions. It covers the design of reinforced concrete, steel and composite steel-concrete bridges and provides guidance for the design of timber bridges. EN 1998-2 is applicable to the seismic design of bridges exploiting ductility in structural members or through the use of antiseismic devices. When ductility is exploited, this part primarily covers bridges in which the horizontal seismic actions are mainly resisted through bending of the piers or at the abutments; i.e. of bridges composed of vertical or nearly vertical pier systems supporting the traffic deck superstructure. It is also applicable to the seismic design of arched bridges, although its provisions should not be considered as fully covering these cases. Suspension bridges and masonry bridges, moveable bridges and floating bridges are not included in the scope of EN 1998-2.