Förbränningsmotorer för fordon

Ämnesområden: Bränslesystem
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 220 (Motorer i bilar)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 12 okt 2022
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This part of ISO 20766-5 specifies general requirements and definitions of liquefied petroleum gas fuel
component (fuel selection system and electrical installations, intended for use on the types of motor
vehicles as defined in ISO 3833.
It also provides general design principles, and specifies requirements for instructions and marking.
This part of ISO 20766-5 is applicable to vehicles (mono-fuel, bi-fuel or dual-fuel applications) using
gaseous fuels in accordance with ISO 9162. It is not applicable to the following:
a) fuel containers;
b) stationary gas engines;
c) container mounting hardware;
d) refueling receptacles.
NOTE 1 It is recognized that miscellaneous components not specifically addressed herein can be examined for
compliance with the criteria of any applicable part of ISO 20766, including testing to the appropriate functional
NOTE 2 All references to pressure in this document are considered gauge pressures unless otherwise
NOTE 3 This document applies to devices which have a service pressure in the range of 110 kPa (Butane rich
at 20°C) and 840 kPa (Propane rich at 20°C), hereinafter referred to in this document. Other service pressures
can be accommodated by adjusting the pressure by the appropriate factor (ratio).