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This document provides requirements and test methods for flexible, factory made, buried district heating pipe systems with metallic service pipes and bonding between the layers of the pipe assemblies and thermal insulation materials of polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam, the casing being made of polyethylene.
It shall be used in conjunction with part 1.
This document is valid for maximum media temperatures up to 120 °C and, occasionally peak temperatures up to 140 °C for maximum 300 h/a, and a design pressure up to 2,5 MPa for a design lifetime of at least 30 years.
This document covers surveillance systems.
In conjunction with the other parts of EN 15632, this document is applicable to pipes, fittings, their joints and to joints with components made of non-plastics materials intended to be used for district heating installations.
NOTE For higher temperatures or for the transport of other fluids, for example potable water, additional requirements and testing is needed. Such requirements are not specified in this document.