Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 198 (Vatten- och avloppssystem)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 10 jun 2019
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This document specifies:

a) the field of application;

b) the requirements of hose union anti vacuum valves;

c) dimensional and physio-chemical properties, and properties of general hydraulic, mechanical and acoustic design of hose union anti-vacuum valves of nominal sizes DN 15 up to and including DN 25;

d) marking and technical product information.

This document specifies the characteristics of hose union anti-vacuum valves of nominal size DN 15 up to and including DN 25 that are suitable for use in drinking water systems at pressures up to and including 1 MPa (10 bar) and temperatures up to and including 65 °C and for 1 h at 90 °C.

HB protects against back siphonage only and is installed in vertical downward flow position.

HB and HD anti-vacuum valves are for installation exclusively at the connecting point between stop valve and hose in vertical downward flow position.

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 296 (Gasflaskor)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 14 jun 2019
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This document provides requirements for the selection of safe combinations of metallic cylinder and valve materials and cylinder gas content.

The compatibility data given is related to single gases and to gas mixtures.

Seamless metallic, welded metallic and composite gas cylinders and their valves, used to contain compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases, are considered.

NOTE In this document the term “cylinder” refers to transportable pressure receptacles, which also include tubes and pressure drums.

Aspects such as the quality of delivered gas product are not considered.

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 156 (Plast)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 26 jun 2019
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This International Standard specifies the endurance test necessary to confirm the ability of hand-operated plastics valves to withstand prolonged use, with repeated opening and closure. It does not specify the ability of valves to withstand adverse conditions, in particular those of chemically aggressive fluid media and/or environments, or excessive fluid velocities and cavitation.

NOTE For what concern the chemical aggression of the materials, a classification table is reported in ISO TR 10358[1].

This International Standard includes values of the parameters necessary for the proper performance of the endurance test, with the reservation that parameters may be different in particular product standards (see 5.1).

Ämnesområden: Kulventiler
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 118 (Rörledningsprodukter och ventiler)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 1 jul 2019
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This document provides basic requirements for piston type pneumatic linear actuators for industrial valve, both double acting and single acting, used for on-off and modulating control duties.

It includes criteria, method and guidelines for design, qualification, corrosion protection, control and testing.

It does not apply to diaphragm actuators and to pneumatic actuators which are integral parts of control valves.

Other requirements, or conditions of use, different from those indicated in this document, are subject to negotiations, between the purchaser and the manufacturer/supplier, prior to order.