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Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 255 (Vägtrafikinformatik)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 7 dec 2018
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This document defines requirements for short-range communication for the purposes of compliance

checking in autonomous electronic fee-collecting systems. Compliance checking communication (CCC)

takes place between a road vehicle's on-board equipment (OBE) and an outside interrogator (road-side

mounted equipment, mobile device or hand-held unit), and serves to establish whether the data that are

delivered by the OBE correctly reflect the road usage of the corresponding vehicle according to the rules

of the pertinent toll regime.

The operator of the compliance checking interrogator is assumed to be part of the toll charging role as

defined in ISO 17573. The CCC permits identification of the OBE, vehicle and contract, and verification

of whether the driver has fulfilled his obligations and the checking status and performance of the OBE.

The CCC reads, but does not write, OBE data.

This document is applicable to OBE in an autonomous mode of operation; it is not applicable to

compliance checking in dedicated short-range communication (DSRC)-based charging systems.

It defines data syntax and semantics, but does not define a communication sequence. All the attributes

defined herein are required in any OBE claimed to be compliant with this document, even if some values

are set to “not defined” in cases where certain functionality is not present in an OBE. The interrogator is

free to choose which attributes are read, as well as the sequence in which they are read. In order to

achieve compatibility with existing systems, the communication makes use of the attributes defined in

ISO 14906 wherever useful.

The CCC is suitable for a range of short-range communication media. Specific definitions are given for

the CEN-DSRC as specified in EN 15509, as well as for the use of ISO CALM IR, the Italian DSRC as

specified in ETSI ES 200 674-1 and ARIB DSRC as alternatives to the CEN-DSRC. The attributes and

functions defined are for compliance checking by means of the DSRC communication services provided

by DSRC layer 7, with the CCC attributes and functions made available to the CCC applications at the

road-side equipment (RSE) and OBE. The attributes and functions are defined on the level of application

data units (ADU).