Dokumentation av tekniska produkter

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 507 (Tekniska produktspecifikationer (TPS))
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 30 apr 2018
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This document provides principles and general requirements for information for the use of products.

Information for use is:

• necessary for the safe use of a product;

• helpful for the efficient and effective use of a product; and

• necessary to fulfil market and regulatory obligations.

Products include, for example:

• industrial products (e.g. machinery, components, devices, and equipment);

• consumer products (e.g. household appliances, audio-visual devices, communication devices, and do-it-yourself products);

• medical devices, equipment and systems;

• complex systems of systems (e.g. industrial plants, refineries, production sites, and data centres);

• means of transport (e.g. cars, trucks, ships, and airplanes);

• application software (e.g. office software and web applications);

• software for operation and automatic control of systems; and

• technical services.

The use of products includes all phases of the product life cycle, e.g. transport, assembly, installation, commissioning, operation, monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, decommissioning, and disposal, and the appropriate tasks performed by skilled and unskilled persons.

This document provides the common and fundamental aspects serving as the binding and generic framework for prospective additional parts of this standard series.

This document applies to information for use whether provided as electronic or printed information products, for example: service information for machinery, provided as pdf for web download for trained service technicians;

• information for operation of software, provided electronically with the software as an online help;

• troubleshooting information for an operator, on a machine’s on-screen display;

• functional description of a medical device on a website;

• information for assembly, printed and provided in the packaging of a piece of furniture for consumers;

• printed information for maintenance for an automatic coffee machine;

• installation planning information for a safety sensor, downloadable from a website for mechanical engineers;

• product tutorial as a web-based training aid;

• materials for product on-site training; and

• label for transportation personnel, printed on the packaging of a heavy steel vessel.

This document is intended for use by all parties responsible for or involved in the conceptualization, creation, maintenance, translation, localization, integration of content, production, provision and evaluation, acquisition and supply of information for use.

The parties concerned with information for use include the following:

• acquirers and suppliers of products;

• managers (on general level or with product responsibilities);

• content owners and content creators, (such as technical writers, information developers, 191 and illustrators);

• technical translators and localization experts; and

• authorities, agencies and authorized experts.

The aim of this document is to provide these parties with the common and fundamental basis for developing information for use of supported products of the required quality.

This document is suitable to be applied and referenced in product standards. It is helpful to elaborate product-specific requirements for target audiences or product information.


Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 507 (Tekniska produktspecifikationer (TPS))
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 15 maj 2018
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This part of International Standard 81346, published jointly by IEC and ISO establishes classification schemes with defined object classes and their associated letter codes primarily intended for use in reference designations and for designation of generic types.

The classification schemes are applicable for objects in all technical disciplines and all branches of industry.