Metalliska ytbeläggningar

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 116 (Oorganiska ytbeläggningar)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 5 mar 2018
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This International Standard specifies the test methods for coating adhesion of sputtered silver layer coating for electrical, electronic, optical, and other engineering applications. Engineering applications are defined as those in which the coating essentially serves a non-decorative purpose.

Although the appearance and serviceability of the sputtered silver coating depends on the condition of the basis material, this International Standard does not specify the condition, finish or surface roughness of the basis material prior to the deposition. Therefore, it is essential that the purchaser shall specifies the surface finish and roughness of the basis material in order to confirm to the product requirements.

This International standard specifies the test methods of coatings on sheets and the flat objects, however, it does not apply to coatings on screw threads, strip or wire in the non-fabricated form.