Industriell processtyrning

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 280 (Information och automation i produktlivscykeln)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 17 jan 2019
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The following is within the scope of this part of ISO 15926:

— The proposed deliverable will define the principles and methods for conformance testing of software implementations of ISO 15926.

NOTE 1: Software implementation implies software product and/or the deliverables of the software product.

NOTE 2: Conformance testing is to demonstrate whether the software implementation correctly fulfils the specified ISO 15926 conformance requirements.

— The specific requirements for conformance shall be specified in each of the Parts of ISO 15926;

NOTE 1: This part of ISO 15926 assumes that the specific detailed conformance requirements of the parts should be in the parts.

NOTE 2: Each scenario described in an Annex of this part of the standard specifies the relevant subsets of conformance rules of the Parts of ISO 15926 applicable to the scenario.

NOTE 3: This subset of rules for a scenario is grouped with the conformance rules of the ISO 15926 series as a whole for the scenario.

— Part 10 shall provide the guidance for developing test cases and testing procedures that cover the requirements specified in the ISO 15926 series and different industry usage contexts.

NOTE 1: Different industry usage contexts includes data exchange, use of reference data libraries, and interface services.

NOTE 2: software implementations include individual companies’ commercial off the shelf software products as well as non-commercial software products developed by industrial companies for own use.

NOTE 3: This part of ISO 15926 is applicable throughout the whole life cycle of software products in the process industry plant and engineering supply chain.

The following is outside the scope of this part of ISO 15926:

— Development of new parts of ISO 15926 and/or the improvement of existing parts of ISO 15926 such as Part 4 or industry reference data libraries conform ISO15926;

— Provision of conformance clauses in the parts of ISO 15926. It shall be noted that the concepts of this part of ISO 15926 will be beneficial for the development of such clauses;

— Commercial, business, and administrative data that is not directly related to the engineering, procurement, construction, (pre-)commissioning, operations, and maintenance of process plants.