Terminalutrustning och övrig kringutrustning

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 380 (Ergonomi)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 13 sep 2019
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This document describes principles for interaction between a user and a system that are formulated in general terms (i.e. independent of situations of use, application, environment or technology). This document provides a framework for applying those interaction principles and the general design recommendations.

While this document is applicable to all types of interactive systems, it does not cover the specifics of every context of use (e.g. safety critical systems, collaborative work).

It is intended for the following audiences:

— analysts of requirements (including market requirements, user requirements, and system requirements);

— designers of user interface development tools and style guides to be used by user interface designers and developers;

— developers (including user interface designers), who will apply the guidance during the design and development process (either directly, based on training, or by using tools and style guides which incorporate the guidance);

— evaluators, who are responsible for ensuring that products meet the general design recommendations contained in this document;

— buyers, who will reference this document in contracts during product procurement.

This document focuses on interaction principles related to the design of interactions between user and interactive system. ISO 9241-112 provides further guidance on the presentation of information.

This document does not consider any other aspect of design such as marketing, aesthetics and corporate identity.