Verktygsmaskiner: allmänt

Ämnesområden: Verktygsmaskiner: allmänt
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 491 (Uppmätning av verktygsmaskiner)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 1 mar 2018
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This part of ISO 13041 specifies, with reference to ISO 230‐1, the geometric tests on normal accuracy numerically controlled (NC) turning machines and turning centres with horizontal work spindles as defined in 3.1 and 3.2.

Where applicable, this standard also applies to horizontal spindle turret and single spindle automatic lathes.

This part of ISO 13041 specifies the applicable tolerances corresponding to the above mentioned tests.

This part of ISO 13041 explains different concepts or configurations and common features of NC turning machines and turning centres. It also provides a terminology and designation of controlled axes.

This part of ISO 13041 deals only with the verification of the accuracy of the machine. It does not apply to the operational testing of the machine (e.g. vibration, abnormal noise, stick slip motion of components) nor to machine characteristics (e.g. speeds, feeds) as such are checks generally carried out before testing the accuracy.