Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 183 (Geoteknik och geokonstruktioner)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 7 jan 2019
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This document deals with principles of sampling of soil, rock and groundwater as part of the geotechnical

investigation and testing.

NOTE 1 This document fulfils the requirements for sampling of soil, rock and groundwater, and groundwater measurements

as part of geotechnical investigation and testing according to EN 1997-1 and EN 1997-2. The aims of such ground

investigations are:

a) to recover soil and rock samples of a quality sufficient to assess the general suitability of a site for geotechnical

engineering purposes and to determine the required soil and rock characteristics in the laboratory;

b) to obtain information on the sequence, thickness and orientation of strata and joint system and faults;

c) to establish the type, composition and condition of strata;

d) to obtain information on groundwater conditions and recover water samples for assessment of the interaction of

groundwater, soil, rock and construction material.

The quality of a sample is influenced by the geological and hydrogeological conditions, the choice and execution of

the drilling and/or the sampling method, handling, transport and storage of the samples.

Soil sampling for the purposes of agricultural and environmental soil investigation is not covered.

NOTE 2 Soil sampling for these purposes is to be found in ISO 10381 series.

Water sampling for the purposes of quality control, quality characterisation, and identification of sources of pollution

of water, including bottom deposits and sludges is not covered.

NOTE 3 Water sampling for these purposes is to be found in ISO 5667 series.