Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 391 (Möbler)
Källa: CEN
Svarsdatum: den 22 maj 2020
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This European Standard specifies safety requirements for all types of kitchen and bathroom storage units and domestic storage furniture that are fully assembled and ready for use, including kitchen-worktops and movable and non-movable components and components made of glass.

It specifies additional test methods in Annex A (normative).

It does not apply to non-domestic storage, office storage, industrial storage, catering equipment, retail storage and industrial storage lockers.

It does not apply to units covered by EN 71-1, Safety of toys – Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties and EN 60065, Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus – Safety requirements.

It does not include requirements for electrical safety.

If the furniture has additional functions, it is essential that it also meets the safety requirements of the appropriate European safety standard for that function.

Safety depending on the structure of the building is not included, e.g. the strength of wall hanging units includes only the cabinet and its components. The wall and the wall attachments are not included.

This European Standard does not include requirements for the resistance to ageing, degradation and flammability.

Annex A (normative) contains additional test methods.

Annex B (normative) contains a guideline for testing according to this document.

Annex C (informative) contains an example of loading of wall hanging units.

Annex D (informative) contains the relation between safety requirements, total mass and position of centre of gravity.