Bläck. Tryckfärger

Ämnesområden: Bläck. Tryckfärger
Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 434 (Grafisk teknik)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 22 apr 2020
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This document specifies a test procedure for preparation of test prints on paper, board, metals, foils and other suitable substrates using paste inks, such as for offset and letterpress printing, using electrically driven IGT-type and Prüfbau-type printability testers. The test prints serve for optical tests, such as colorimetry, transparency, gloss and optical density as well as for testing other print related paper and ink properties, such as striking-in/setting, mottling, ink transfer, picking etc., where a well-known ink coverage in g/m2 or in optical density on the substrate is required before any other evaluations or further testing can take place. For different test purposes different ink film thicknesses or optical densities and other test specifications will be specified in the referring standard, this document describes only the procedure used to print the sample. For further evaluations other standards may be required.

This standard describes the procedure for reference optical density and reference ink film thickness.

Note - This standard describes the method as used on the current models of testers, most of the described procedures will also be applicable in analogy to the older models but may require additional steps to be executed or recalculation of the settings to make them conform to this standard. It is important to contact the supplier to confirm compliance with this document before using it for inking and testing. Devices of (very) old age or of non-standard construction.