Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 182 (Trä)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 31 okt 2019
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The present standard establishes the basic principles of classification, identification of wood residues and waste in the form of classification groups, the main terms and their definitions in the field of systematization and use from the residues and waste as with constantly filled up secondary wood resources.

This International Standard provides the terminology and definitions for timber residues [by-products] and post-consumer [used] wood. In accordance with the scope of ISO TC 218, "Timber", the emphasis is given to general terms relating to raw and processed materials originating from logging and wood processing industry and non-fuel applications of woody biomass.

Specific terminology relating to biofuel production is in the scope of ISO TC 238, "Solid Biofuels, Project Committee ISO/PC 287, Chain of custody of wood and wood-based products.

The standard extends to the secondary wood resources which are formed of the wood which was in use which can be used again of residues and production wastes (logging and a woodworking), and also waste - wood which it is impossible to use more (of which it is necessary to get rid)

The international standard is intended for use as a terminological basis of producers and consumers of wood residue (waste), including recycled wood, for the labelling, identification.

The terms and definitions set forth in this standard are intended for use in the legal, regulatory, technical and design documentation as well as scientific, technical, educational and reference literature in relation to the processes involving wood residues production and consumption as secondary material and energy resources with protection of the environment in the course of economic activity in the treatment of secondary wood resources.