Skeppbyggnadteknik och marina konstruktioner: allmänhet

Kommittébeteckning: SIS/TK 477 (Skeppsteknik och Marin Teknologi)
Källa: ISO
Svarsdatum: den 3 sep 2018
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This International Standard provides comprehensive requirements and guidance for the planning and engineering of port and marine operations, encompassing all documents and works related to such port and marine operations, e.g. the design and analysis of the components, systems, equipment and procedures required to perform port and marine operations, as well as the methods or procedures developed to carry them out safely.

This International Standard is intended to be comprehensive, covering all relevant information related to port and marine operations necessary for installation, offshore commissioning works, operation and maintenance, component exchange, repair operations and decommissioning or redeployment of offshore wind farms.

This International Standard is applicable to port and marine operations for offshore structures including:

— lattice structure foundations made from steel;

— concrete gravity base structures (GBS);

— piled steel foundation structures;

— subsea templates and similar structures applied for pre-piling of foundations;

— steel towers, nacelles and blades forming part of the wind turbine generators (WTG);

— floating turbines moored to the seabed;

— self-elevating offshore unit topsides and components of any of the above for offshore substations or offshore accommodations platforms;

— array cables within the wind farms as well as export cables connecting the wind farm to the grid;

— marine operations during the service life of the windfarm related to the technical maintenance works.

This International Standard is also applicable to modifications of existing structures, e.g. installation of additional modules, exchange of components or decommissioning.

This International Standard is not applicable to the following operations:

— construction activities, e.g. in a fabrication yard onshore, where there is no exposure to the marine environment;

— diving.

This International Standard presumes compliance with international, national and local rules and regulations. This International Standard does not replace the applicable rules and regulations.