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Svensk titel: Ergonomi - Tillgänglighet - Informationstillgänglighet på visuella displayer på små konsumentprodukter
Nummer:ISO/DIS 24552
Kommitté:SIS/TK 380
Namn på kommittén:Ergonomi
Publicerat:den 12 jun 2019
Sista svarsdatum:den 7 aug 2019
Contact email:kommentera(at)
Förslagets omfattning:

This document specifies the methods to improve accessibility of the visual display on small consumer products, where the status, function or operation information of the products are visually displayed, in order to minimize inconveniences that a variety of users including the disabled and the elderly may experience while using those products. Particularly, this document has focused on how to present information on small visual displays to make the product more accessible to the older people or the people with low vision or colour deficiency. Though it is an important to consider varying modalities or alternative ways in displaying information to make the product more accessible, they are not covered in this document. This document only covers accessibility with regard to visual presentation of information, but not audio or tactile-based display methods.

NOTE 1 Accessibility of a product can be enhanced by adopting alternative means of visual presentation of the information, which is not covered in this document. For the information about alternative presentation, ISO/IEC Guide 71, ISO 9241-112 and ISO 9241-171 can be useful.

NOTE 2 A comprehensive catalogue of accessibility needs and strategies for accommodation for all users (not only those with visual impairments) are out of scope for this document. Readers interested in this regard are referred to ISO/IEC 29138-1:2018 Information technology — User interface accessibility — Part 1: User accessibility needs.

This document is applied to various consumer products equipped with digital displays, in which the information of the product is visually presented. The products are usually equipped with built-in display panels. The consumer products include those hand-held products that can be easily carried by the user or those that are not portable but equipped with small displays, though the size of the product or the display is not specified. Some examples are an electronic thermometer, digital camera, air-conditioning system, and remote controller, while it cannot be limited to them.

This document is not applied to the following display devices: 1) Web- or application-based displays of ICT devices such as smart phones, smart TVs, and tablet PCs. They are usually operated based on an operating system, which makes them highly flexible or adjustable in presenting information. 2) Touch-based displays, which are used as a display as well as a control. There seems to exist many accessibility issues in the touch interface in those devices which are not only in the scope of displaying information but also related to touch control, and it would be better to deal with them together in another document. 3) Indicating lamp/light for simple alerts or alarms, of which accessibility issue is being handled in DIS 24550 " Ergonomics — Accessible design — Indicator lights of consumer products."

Some guidance of this document might not be applicable to some products such as oral or ear thermometers which have extremely small in-built displays.

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